Register for Awakening the Illuminated Heart®

Facilitated by Phil Laing as taught and authorized by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Workshop Registration

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop with Phil Laing

Welcome! Registration for an Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop is a 3 step process.

  1. Attendees must first register with Drunvalo’s School of Remembering ($14.99) prior to attending the workshop here:


Once you have joined the School of Remembering, an email will arrive with login information. Log in again. Click “Workshops and Certificates” You will then be prompted to choose a workshop to register for. You need to select my workshop. Scroll down the page to search options and choose the drop down menu at “by Teacher”. Scroll down to my name Phil Laing. Click ‘Search’. This will bring up a list of my current workshops. Choose the correct one. Click “Register Now”. On this new page that opens, click “Register Now” again and then click “Agree With terms and confirm Registration”.

  1. Fill out the workshop questionnaire form located below to: Just cut, paste and email it. This helps my preparation immensely.
  1. Please send the workshop fee of $444 via PayPal. The email to use to send funds for PayPal is You can also use another Paypal address if it is listed on a flyer or the School of Remembering website as specific to the workshop you are signing up for. For alternate ways to send funds, please contact me.

Workshop Questionnaire

If you need more room to answer the following questions, please write them on a separate piece of paper and attach them to your application. This helps me to understand the group better and its needs prior to beginning this work.

Date and location of Workshop:

  1. Why do you wish to attend this Workshop?
  1. Have you received inner permission to attend this workshop?
  1. Have you had any major emotional challenges in life?
  1. If yes to #3, have you resolved these difficulties, either on your own, or with the support of a facilitator or any other healing Tradition?
  1. What is your professional background and training?Are you a healer?
  1. What is the state of your health?
  1. Do you have any special needs? Food? Handicapped? Other?
  1. Have you completed the suggested reading of these books: “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life 1 & 2″, and “Living in the Heart”?
  1. Have you previously taken Drunvalo’s Flower of Life workshop with an authorized facilitator? If yes, who was the teacher?

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, the completion

of the application or methods of payment, please call us at:

+(530) 386-3983 in the U.S. or email:

[Workshops are forming for 2022. Contact me to bring this important work to your city]