Awakening The Illuminated Heart®



Awakening The Illuminated Heart® Workshop

“One of the most powerful and worthwhile workshops I have ever been to. I highly recommend it!” ~ Diana T.

“This was a fascinating and informative presentation by Phil Laing!! Thank you again.” ~ Ann P.

“Thank you Phil for an incredible experience! I don’t have the angst or impatience (as I notice now) that I had. It’s like I have a secret. What a gift. I am in such deep reverence for this process like never before. And I thought I had reverence! I’m looking forward to what unfolds next as I play in this new energy and explore new possibilities of creating.” ~ Susan F.


Brief Course Topics and Benefits:


  • Generating the permanent MerKaBa field from the heart
  • The practice for experiencing that you and God are One
  • Using dreams and imagery to manifest non-polarized creations
  • The process for opening the 3rd eye
  • Learn the powerful Unity Breath Meditation
  • The pineal beams of light and how to activate them
  • How to create the human halo
  • The process to move your Spirit to different parts of the body
  • How to bring the brain (ego) back in subservience to the heart (spirit)
  • A new approach to the MerKaBa


You Will Additionally Experience:

  • The necessity to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky
  • The difference between Mind-based creation and Heart-based creation.
  • The experience of Divine Love and its ability to heal and forgive totally
  • Sacred geometry in our spiritual anatomy and its uses in ascension
  • The MerKaBa: it’s characteristics, programming and practical uses
  • The workshop methods and their signs of attainment
  • The nature of illusion and duality and how to transcend it
  • Consciousness and how Creation came out of the Void
  • Development of subtle energy perception
  • The role of voice, love and music to heal
  • Seeing life through the eyes of the heart in daily life
  • The healing of emotional pain and how to do it
  • The role of the tongue in higher consciousness
  • Generating alpha brain waves and using the internal chakras of the brain


What People Are Saying

“This workshop was soooo powerful! It ignited my light body and unfolded and expanded the petals of my heart……I feel transmuted and transformed. “~ Georgina S.


“Amazing, what a great weekend! Phil you led us to a new world and dimension of sacred geometries and the heart. I enjoyed everyone that was part of our pod. Phil was brilliant; you are a True facilitator. I want to commend you for teachings us the ancient Merkaba meditation, an amazing tool. It is unbelievable that this was just one weekend, I feel we spend a month together. Thanks for all the hugs and the love this weekend. Our hearts are open and are Merkaba is fired up for new adventures. Thank you!!! Thank you and more Thank yous to you Phil.” ~  L. S.


“Insightful and astonishing! Thank you Phil for presenting such esoteric information in a manner that was easy to understand and appreciate. You left us wanting more! It was so good to see what we learned with Nassim actually grounded into material that has direct application in our lives. Quite a few are excited about taking the workshop from you. We will be scheduling it over the next few months.” ~ D.M.


“This workshop is absolutely amazing! Any shreds of information that has not been “tied up” is totally coming together for me. Phil is an excellent facilitator. We are having a blast! I am not a “workshop junkie” and I totally recommend the <this> for anyone who is serious about their spiritual evolution. Thanks Phil.”  ~ D.M.


“This was a fascinating and informative presentation by Phil Laing!! Thank you for setting up this opportunity.” ~ Ann P. 


“Phil had us spellbound. I felt it was a very comprehensive presentation.You did awesome. I enjoyed how much you packed in and kept us wanting more.” ~ L. S.


“Everybody’s doing a brand new dance now, come on baby do the Mer Ka Ba! “~ John N.


“I loved hearing about the sacred geometry woven through the fabric of life.” ~ Leonard S.


“The subject matter is inconceivable. I am definitely inspired to learn more. Thank you, Phil.”  ~ Christina G.


“Many thanks to Phil Laing for sharing the incredible information about our HEARTS. The name of the book for those who want to read it, “Living In The Heart” by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Between the “Merkaba Meditation,” The Unity Breath and Heart Meditation we have “everything” we need for an upwarding spiraling spiritual evolution, if we just apply it in our lives. The energy in the room was amazing!!! “~ D. M.


“I got so much out of Phil’s discussion, and continue to benefit from the meeting in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It seemed as if the timing of this meeting was perfect for me and I look forward to joining the weekend session that Phil provides. ” ~ David M.


“Phil gave an excellent presentation. Thanks Phil for keeping us up-to-date on the Merkaba and the evolution of our planet.” ~ Leo S.


“This is such an exciting revelation to the western world. It has whet my appetite to learn much more about it. Thank you, Phil, for doing such a great job in presenting the information in sequence. This made it so much easier to follow.” ~ C. G.


“It was worth the wait to hear you  Phil. So much left to say, I will be waiting. A wonderful and enlightening evening. Thanks. “~ J.C.


“Such worthwhile information presented very clearly….. I hope to see Phil again very soon! I found the meeting to be very inspiring and the energy very uplifting.” ~ G. Sanders




Course Description:

In the Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshop, additional information and new discoveries that previously were not included in the original Flower of Life material are introduced in a direct and powerfully experiential way.

The purpose of the workshop is to give the participant knowledge and tools that will prepare them for the process some call the Ascension or the Great Shift. In this evolutionary jump in human consciousness, knowledge alone will not allow us to make this jump personally or collectively. One must begin to remember their true nature, beyond the ego and beyond the illusory world of form.

Therefore, in a step by step journey, we introduce concepts that are then practiced through successive, fun and experiential exercises through one’s feeling self, not through the intellect of the mind alone. The simple procedures that are followed allow an inner shift to occur that enables a vibratory reconnection, not only to their own heart, but the heart of Mother Earth and heart of Creation as well. Information will be discussed and shown that explains why we must be in vibrational alignment with the Earth as she makes her Great Shift to a new way of being.

Special emphasis is placed throughout the workshop on opening the heart and allowing emotional healing in a safe and supportive environment. This is done to give maximum opportunity to access what has been known to the ancients as the Sacred Space of the Heart. To access this place at will is a benchmark in human spiritual evolution and maturity. It cannot be explained, only experienced.

Additionally, we reveal little known aspects of the spiritual anatomy which are practiced and activated. Besides the heart, this will include the pineal and pituitary glands and chakras, the thalamus gland, the beams of light from the pineal chakra and the human halo. When these critical aspects of consciousness are activated in conjunction with the Sacred and Tiny Space of the Heart, the power of our dreams and images can now be made manifest in our world without polarized mind-based creation that results in an equal and opposite reaction. How this is so, is one of the main focuses of this course.

This workshop does not just concern itself with the human light body or MerKaBa, because in and of itself, it is incomplete without a greater understanding of divine Love and the wisdom found in this Sacred Space of the Heart. This has a direct effect on conscious creation and the ability to utilize the MerKaBa for the ascension process. However, when the individual experientially realizes how creation comes out of the Void and how their thoughts, beliefs and consciousness affect what is experienced as their “reality”, one is able to understand and utilize their MerKaBa and their God-given ability to create from a vastly superior awareness that is based in unity consciousness, not duality consciousness. Consequently, we now teach the Creation Process as well as the MerKaBa activation after entering this particular space in the Heart.

Participants in the workshop will see that this way of MerKaBa activation is easier and far more powerful when it comes from the wisdom of the Heart rather than the egoic consciousness of the mind. MerKaBa programming, surrogate MerKaBas, sacred geometry and its connection to the heart and the creation process will be covered to give practical applications to one’s emerging unity consciousness and to bring greater understanding for those who have been previously familiar with the Flower of Life workshop or the traditional MerKaBa meditation.

At the conclusion of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop, the participant will have been prepared for the ascension process and adequately adept and practiced in the exercises and activations introduced in this intensive multiday course.