Welcome to Formless and True: Tools for Spiritual Sovereignty

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This website provides an introduction to powerful tools of personal transformation which will assist those to greater understanding, healing and self-realization. These tools represent what I have found in 25 years of study to be most effective and a rapid means to raise one’s spiritual awareness from duality to Unity when consistently applied by earnest seekers of the truth.

Ultimately, Truth is born of formlessness and it was out of formlessness that creation made itself known. You will find here, several approaches that reflect this timeless principle. Each path has a unique way of accessing the same source of All That Is. Each path provides a way of knowing your true nature and a way to return home, beyond form, back into the Heart of Creation.

I welcome you to visit here. You will find a schedule of my workshops, a blog with interesting information, products and services.

This website is constantly changing and evolving. Like life itself, it is in a fluid state of transformation. Enjoy the evolution you find here. May it bring you one step closer to that which you seek.


Phil Laing