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Please contact me via e-mail at with “Theta Healing” in the subject line. You may also call me directly at (530) 386-3983


 “I feel much better!!! You have done an amazing healing.” ~ Effie K.

Every day I feel thankful for the amazing healing. In Theta terms, I was a witness to the deep love and gifts that you exercise so faithfully and look forward to another session. ~ Rob. S

Hey Phil just wanted to update you on some of the results from the session. I can sleep A LOT better and a lot easier now. I dont even experience the shortness of breath when im doing something at a high intensity. Another interesting result was that i noticed my father treating me a little differently, he’s more calm and respectful around me. Various other things have changed subtly. Thank you Phil for everything. ~ Jose A.

The ThetaHealing® technique could best be described as “focused thought and prayer bringing healing and transformation through unconditional love”. ThetaHealing fits into the mind/body therapies as a complementary or alternative health modality. It is both therapeutic and self-help and aims to assist with physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. ThetaHealing is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment, but rather is supplementary to it.
Using a meditational process that accesses the theta brainwave, I co-create with Source for my clients to receive unconditional love to assist in the healing changes they desire. Another way of expressing this is that we ask God, Source or The Creator for the healing to take place.

The processes of ThetaHealing are not specific to any age, sex, race, color or creed or religion. Anyone with a pure belief in God/Source or the Creative Force can benefit and thrive from this modality, accomplishing in a short time what could take years under traditional psychotherapy.

A typical session could last from 30-90 minutes in person, on Skype or phone. I utilize a simple form of muscle testing, intuitive approaches and the connection to the Divine to assist you in uncovering and releasing deeply hidden beliefs and blocks that have either affected your physical health or emotional peace of mind. As I said before, Theta Healing is not a replacement for medical treatment, so one can be under a doctor’s care and still receive holistic benefit available from this system.
I as a ‘healer’ can not even take credit for the work since the energy utilized in a session with a client is supplied by God, not me. My job is to simply witness what is shown to me so as to confirm that positive shift or change has taken place. All of this takes place with your permission and control. Everything in existence is Love. The energy and force used this modality is Love and it is through this fundamental principle that all healing, manifestation and change take place. I am at your service in this respect.

Schedule a Theta Healing Session

Please contact me via e-mail at with “Theta Healing” in the subject line. You may also call me directly at (530) 386-3983


What is Theta Healing®?  Founder Vianna Stibal on this simple healing technique:


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