Hosting A Kunlun System Workshop

If a convenient opportunity to learn this system of practices is not available to you, you can contact me to make arrangements for hosting the workshop or retreat in your city and country.

In the United States, the minimum number of confirmed registrants necessary is 15 or more depending on circumstances. For other countries a minimum of 30 or more registrants is necessary. Please contact me for specifics of your situation.

In general, simple, non-metallic chairs are needed for each student. There must be enough space between the chairs for me to walk behind and between each participant without hitting them. The noise and level of distraction must be minimal and the room or space clean and comfortable.  Privacy for the workshop  is important, so an adequate space will not be subject to interruption by others or curious spectators.

A good time frame to announce and promote the workshop is 3-6 months before the date of event.

I am available to travel to most countries and can work efficiently with tranlators where English is not widely spoken.

Some Kunlun System students from Cuernavaca, Mexico.