About The KUNLUN® System

“What a joyful ending to Kunlun this evening (morning?).  I had not a shred of any emotion except pure joy.  I could actually feel how it was to recognize the play and just enjoy being a player for the sheer joy of being a player.”

Deb S.


The KUNLUN® System is a ancient set of practices that have been modified for the modern practitioner to facilitate states of consciousness that some call Self-realization or Enlightenment. Although historically thought of as almost impossible to attain except for renunciants and yogis, Enlightenment is a basic human birthright and, in fact, is the goal of our journey on Earth.

Although the regular practice of these “forms without form” will provide many benefits both subtle and obvious, one should understand that the ultimate result will reveal the true nature of one’s Self and the Reality.

Along the way, however, the student will enjoy greater health, awareness and wisdom by experiencing directly the effects that these simple practices have on their own being.

The KUNLUN System at the beginning level teaches several practices that are performed seated in a chair. A few are done standing but there are modified versions for those who cannot stand or who are missing limbs. The practices affect the subtle bodies first, so the KUNLUN System can be practiced by the elderly, the paralyzed or those in wheelchairs. In time, regeneration of the glandular system will be noticed and other positive effects on the physical body.

So even if a person is not interested at first in their own spiritual growth, increased health and greater sense of well-being will be noticed by those who continue these practices on a regular basis. This is important, for the average person is beset in life with external and internal challenges to their mental and emotional health, and without effective ways to balance the burden placed on the body and mind, degenerative conditions will result.

In this system, the practitioner is encouraged to surrender their mind and ego during the performing of these practices. One will quickly see what controls their life: The mind or the heart. This simple observation of seeing which faculty steers our life is brought directly and dramatically into awareness as these practices are undertaken. Persistence in this system will result in the start of a process that the Taoists call “purification”, for in the absence of the ego’s control of the mind, nothing is left to prevent the release of emotional and mental energies that no longer serve the individual. Because the heart is now in control, its wisdom will automatically bring about a state of equilibrium where balance is restored to body mind and spirit. This “purging” is the foundational activity of the KUNLUN System.

What is purged might be called our baggage, issues or our shadow side. We all have them to varying degrees but as they leave, we begin to feel lighter and lighter. The absence of these burdens means we have more energy to enjoy life and it improves the health of our bodies as a result. Eventually, there is very little remaining to prevent us from seeing who we really are at our most essential level. The teachings of all great spiritual traditions say that at our most profound level, we are blissfully joyful beings of pure light. If we are burdened by the drama of our life and illusory sense of self, we will never perceive this truth of our own nature.


The benefit of a practice such as the KUNLUN System lies in its ability to remove the blocks of awareness that keep us enslaved to the mind and its version of “truth”.  Since we now know that body and mind are interconnected, the purification of our mind and ego will have an effect on our body and its’ systems as well. Further contemplation will reveal that this process is also having an effect on our creation process of our Reality as we will come to understand that consciousness created Reality, not the other way around.

This awareness is a watershed event in one’s personal evolution, and marks the point from which a person goes forward in life, finally realizing that he/she is the architect and source of their own life, as opposed to having relegated some part of it to someone else or a different entity. This of course, is just one characteristic of Awakening, but it started with simple practices seated in a chair! For this reason, the Taoists have said that in this practice of the KUNLUN System, we are “doomed to succeed”, since it is only a matter of time before our practices start an alchemical process of transmutation by turning our lower natures (i.e., lead) into a higher divine state (gold).

So although one may begin the KUNLUN System for greater focus, health or mental well being, it is, in fact, the beginning stages of inner awareness training that naturally will unfold the deeper relationship between oneself and the Source from which all things emanated.

Fortunately for us, the ancient Taoists mapped out the levels of consciousness a long time ago, leaving for us an effective way to return to our Source (God). That way goes through the heart and it will be seen that all mystical traditions utilized ways to balance the polar opposites that are found in this existence by unifying them at a point of nullity or neutrality where they exist in equilibrium. The Kunlun System provides a way for such dualistic forces to meet at the “zero-point” found within the center of our being at the heart. It is here that a transformation can take place that results in what we call internal alchemy, the natural result of balancing all elemental forces of our being into a new state of existence. In the KUNLUN System, this is the inevitable outcome of the regular practice of these methods.

So whether you are feeling called to learn this practice for physical, mental or spiritual reasons, the KUNLUN System will enhance and refine the parts of your life that resulted in your visiting this page. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

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