What is Taught in This Workshop?

The following practices are being taught by me in the beginning level of the KUNLUN® System:


KUNLUN Method:

Purges and purifies the denser energies and negative blocks in physical and non-physical bodies. Allows internal alchemy to greatly accelerate when practiced with its other main counterpart of Red Phoenix.


Releases emotional and energetic blocks, increases bone density and increases life force within the practitioner. For psychics, empaths and those who are very sensitive to spiritual energies, this practice is excellent for grounding and being fully in one’s body.


Standing 5-elements:

Extremely effective practices that strengthens the major organs and their associated meridians. Very good “preventative medicine” that increases life-force within the body. This also will purge the 5 negative emotions stored in these organs. This is also very effective practice for grounding oneself and connecting to the earth.


The One-Breath:

A breath practice that is a foundation of this path. Conscious breathing means control of the mind and leads naturally to emptiness. This one practice can slow age-related health problems and degeneration in the organs of the lower abdomen. In the short term, it brings the emotions into balance especially if there has been upset.


Gold Flower Mudra:

This is a mudra that is the highest form of Taoist alchemy. This hand/finger posture literally refines the physical body, mind and spirit. It affects the toroidal magnetic field that surrounds the body.


3 points of healing:

3 acupuncture points are shown that when pressed provide wonderful health and healing benefits. These master points open and balance the 3 energy centers in the body by removing energetic blocks.


Rubbing the Mung points:

Another self-healing application that opens blocks that benefit the heart, lungs and kidneys.


The Nuur practice:

A very ancient practice that energizes the magnetic field of the brain, activates the pineal gland, opens the 3rd eye and eventually manifests a bluish light that emanates from the body that can be seen in darkness. Many other benefits.


Laughter chi gung:

A vocal breath work that first opens, and then penetrates the heart. Extremely important in internal alchemy, when Emptiness of mind occurs, secrets hidden within the heart are revealed. Clears out stagnant chi and purges the lungs of toxins.


What do you want from your spiritual practice? These beginning forms offer immediate benefit for physical health, mental and emotional balance and spiritual growth of the highest order. At times it may be advisable to practice one set of practices over another depending on what you wish to achieve. Remember, you are your own beginning and your own end. You decide what you wish to get from your practices. ~

Instructions come with simple Taoist wisdom and philosophy to help ease one from the mind of illusion to the heart of truth.