An Introduction to the KUNLUN® System: Taoist Alchemy Practice for Self-Awakening

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The KUNLUN® System

Max Christensen’s KUNLUN System: Taoist Alchemy Practice for Self-Awakening.

Alchemy is a word that has gotten very popular in the world over the past several years, as people have become aware of medieval and ancient ways of transmutation of the body, the elements or consciousness.  From Atlantean, Egyptian, shamanic and Oriental traditions, each approach survives today in small, hidden circles where such explorations can continue for those who seriously seek the next step in their own evolution.

The KUNLUN System is a formerly secret group of practices from ancient Taoist traditions in China. Together, they form some of the most powerful teachings and techniques for spiritual awakening ever developed on earth. Until fairly recently, it was known to just a few temples in the Kunlun mountains of western China. Max Christensen was allowed to teach and spread this ancient system outside of those temples. The KUNLUN System  is a rare Taoist alchemy practice that is a very powerful form of self-enlightenment.

When the various practices of this tradition were re-codified in recent times, it was done so for the sole purpose of attaining Self Realization in the practitioner. Self-realization refers to a profound spiritual awakening where there is an awakening from an illusory, self-identify image (Ego), to the true, divine and perfect condition that the individual actually is.

The KUNLUN System brings together the “root” practices that the ancient mystery traditions used to share in common but forgot in time as different branches developed and began to lose touch with the other systems. Consequently, in reuniting the most powerful practices together again, the practitioner can, by one’s own efforts, realize their true nature in one lifetime. Just as there are many branches of Christianity and other religious practices, so too are there different branches of Taoist teachings. Some emphasize martial art training, others a more scholarly approach, some emphasize healing and others are more esoteric. The KUNLUN System utilizes primarily Mao Shan sect practices, the most esoteric of the 4 main Taoist sects and is concerned with internal alchemy as a rapid means to realize the Self as divine.

The KUNLUN Method practices are those alchemy tools one can use to access magnetic potentials of the body that result in the transmutation of one’s ‘shadow side’, development of dormant super-potentials within the brain and the purification of the various toxins held in the physical and non-physical bodies. With KUNLUN Method practices, we are able to absorb up to 10 times more bodily energy than a normal person. Practicing KUNLUN Method regularly will purify the entire body as the 72,000 nadis are toned and cleared by the psychic heat generated. Health improves and maladies dissipate. The resultant purification causes one’s consciousness to realize its true relationship to Life and God. This is the Tao.

The Taoists say, “99% of enlightenment is purification”. What does that mean? As humans of normal consciousness, we carry “baggage” of all kinds: negative memories and beliefs, impure thoughts and vibrations of a lower frequency. In addition, our physical bodies also carry the toxins of the environment as well. Taken together, these all affect our ability to perceive The One Law of which we are a part. It prevents us from actually reaching or realizing our True Selves because our perspective of the One Reality is clouded.

The advantage of a powerful practice such as the KUNLUN System lies in its ability to connect the body’s energetic access points to Source. You may wish to call it God, the energy of the vacuum or quantum zero-point. However you prefer to call the Divine, when sufficient potential is cultivated, an alchemy of body and consciousness begins to occur. When the energy of the One begins to move within, what it does is begin the purification process by releasing all that does not serve the individual anymore.

This purging will be different for each person because each is unique and has had a unique journey that will determine how their purification will unfold.

What does this purification look like? Depending on one’s emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic blocks, it may result in some or many of the following experiences: spontaneous movements, kriyas, crying, laughing, breathless states, manifestations of light, 3rd Eye openings or intense bliss states.  It may also result in levitation or speaking in tongues. Such occurrences are not evidence of spiritual attainment, but rather indications that impurities within the practitioner are being transmuted.

For this reason, the practice is often described as formless form nei gung since spontaneous movement arising from within is the primary characteristic of this system. This art is for those seeking direct experience of their own connection to the Tao, without dogmas, gurus or spiritual intermediaries. You are your own teacher and you decide how fast you awaken. Since our real Self is already found within, these practices simply make more and more of your Self known to you as you cleanse your physical and non-physical bodies.

Where does all this practice lead? The formulation of these simple practices (they are extremely simple and fast to learn) will result in the attainment of what the Taoists call the Gold Dragon Body. This is akin to the Light body spoken of in other mystery traditions. This occurs after sufficient inner alchemy has transformed the body of lead (dense matter) into the body of gold (pure light or energy).

Understand that by the time one has realized this level, one’s consciousness will have been transformed. That practitioner will not be the same person anymore, as many inner and outer experiences will have revealed the true nature of Reality and the One Law that runs through all things. When one has reached such a state, one is considered Realized or Enlightened and literally will transcend this level of existence to more subtle realms of experience.

This practice, therefore, permits the merging of the microcosm and the macrocosm. It is through the union of these two worlds that one can know their true Self as pure light and One with Creation. In this way, re-enlightenment is possible to the average person. And extraordinary experiences aside, this is the goal of the practice.


Phil Laing was made an authorized apprentice of the KUNLUN NEI GUNG™ system by Max Christensen, the primary proponent and introducer of this ancient system in the West. Phil Laing will visit several cities in the US and abroad in 2018 to facilitate instruction of the KUNLUN™ Method practices. Workshop spaces are limited and subject to sell out. For more information, contact Phil Laing at p_laing(at) or visit ~

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